Space weather

Photo: Niels Andersen

Measurements from geomagnetic observatories provide the necessary data foundation for studying magnetospheric and ionospheric processes inherent to Polar regions, where they are particularly strong and frequent. GIOS will upgrade and expand the network of observatories to increase the data measurement frequency and coverage to the level that is required for operational space weather observations and the study of the impacts space weather impacts in Greenland. The result is distributed in real time to the global scientific community in the form of a geomagnetic index, called PCN index (

The PCN index is very important in space weather monitoring, and is part of the ESA Space Safety Program. The new observatory in Thule Air Base will enable us to continue the index derivation and together with the two new magnetometer installations, provide a unique dataset that enables development of space weather applications and improvement of our knowledge of space weather impacts in Greenland. It is important that we continue to provide these crucial data of the space weather condition in one of the most active regions in the world.

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