Photo: Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

GIOS partners have a unique network of climate stations in Greenland which all hold a possibility for extension with monitoring of other atmospheric variables. An established example of this is the concept of ICOS atmospheric stations which monitors greenhouse gas (CO2 and CH4) concentrations along with a standard range of meteorological variables. In GIOS, the ICOS (level 2) measurements existing at Villum Research Station will be expanded along the Greenland latitudinal gradient and include atmospheric/climate monitoring from mobile platforms proposed at locations down to South Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

GIOS will upgrade and install new stations to expand the capacity and coverage of current meteorological observatories. Specifically, the GEM station at Qeqertarsuaq (Arctic Station) will have improved calibration of the humidity-temperature profiler instrumentation to match an existing setup at Summit (Central Greenland Ice Sheet) and the climate station will be significantly upgraded with a double sensor setup to match the setup of other research climate stations (eg. GEM Climate Basis-Zackenberg and Villum Research Station), which significantly improves the overall quality of the climate observations at Qeqertarsuaq. All GEM ClimateBasis stations will also be upgraded with satellite-based broadband modem connections for improved data connection and potential real time monitoring and display of the climate data.

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